Inflow Inventory Review – Is it the Solution Right

A good inventory software is vital. This is especially so for companies that are struggling to manager their inventory levels, that sell physical goods that are fragile or become obsolete from one day to another or for companies that rely on customer satisfaction to create a competitive advantage. In this article review we are going to be looking at inflow inventory so help you decide if it might be the right solution for you.

Finding a software that can make your day more productive, help your company grow faster and easier, increase your profitability and help you satisfy your customers and turn them into loyal supporters, is not an easy task. The truth is that are so many accounting software (including inventory software) solutions being launched every month that makes the whole process of choosing the right software a nightmare.

However, Inflow seems to be a very good option. First of all, it is a product that has been around for around 7 years with continuous support and updates. 

Why inFlow?

No better place to start our Inflow review than by taking a look at what this inventory software offers. Then we can see how well Inflow lives up to those promises.

The main focus of inFlow is keeping track of your inventory, customers and vendors. What does that mean? Being able to know exactly your stock levels, being able to track what is coming in and is leaving your premises can make the difference between a succesful company and a company that will not be able to survive. That’s the area Inflow tries to help you to improve.

inFlow’s Inventory Features

Being able to track inventory over multiple locations is the first thing that I think is worth mentioning. There are so many companies that have more than one warehouse and are trying to centralize the work and control everything from one place. Well, Inflow can help you do that. I can see how this feature will save both money and headaches for companies that ship products from different locations. 

Inventory can be tracked both by lot and serial number. You can also utilize the barcode scanner feature, import and track products easier and faster. 

In addition, another very important feature is ability to take the orders your company has received, mark items as shipped and also raise purchase orders when your stock levels run low. That’s is a fantastic flow of information that can help you keep track of what’s is being sold, produce shipping documents and raise purchase orders easier than ever.

Another feature that inFlow has is the ability to use exchange rates, translate the cost of your stock and your sales price and exporting and using graphs that can help you understand the performance of your company.

Miscellaneous Features

Apart from the two areas of inventory and financial features that are probably most important to business owners. inFlow is packed with other features as well, that are worth mentioning.

It allows you to set access passwords and permissions for up to five other users. Since you probably don’t want everyone to have complete access to your files these different accounts can be set up exactly how you choose. Unlike to a few other inventory software programs that come to mind, this was very easy to set up. No need to call in a computer expert to have set it up at all, which is a big relief.

inFlow Ease of Use and Price

I’ve covered it already, but let me stress the point that inFlow is generally pretty easy to use. The learning curve is small, for the most part, and you can realistically be working it and having it work for you the same day you install it. Some of the features, like I mentioned above, may take longer to master. However, inFlow hosts an online forum and offers video tutorials for its users.

The price point for inFlow is right around $300 and this is certainly on the low end for inventory software. The features may warrant this, but still for a small business just getting started the price tag is still a hard pill to swallow. Hopefully, with time, inFlow will drop this down to more affordable levels since this is one of the few disadvantages of making the choice of going with their product for small businesses.

We trust you have found our review useful and helped you along with way to determine if inFlow is the right inventory solution for your business. You may wish to check our other article looking at some other inventory software that may be better suited for your business needs.

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