Top 5 Inventory Management Software

With the SaaS industry increasingly growing, more and more SMEs are utilizing either cloud-based or self-hosted apps that can help them manager their business. Inventory Management apps is not something new but they have recently become more accessible to small companies that do not have large budgets to spend.  However, the options are endless so picking the right one might not be as easy as it initially seems to be. The title might be misleading and I am referring to the “Top 5” part as there are other choices (probably some are more popular than the ones below but here are 5 inventory management software that you could consider:

1. InFlow Inventory

InFlow Inventory is available in three different versions – premium, regular and free. The free version, unlike other programs, is not a web-based solution. The user will still have to download and install the software, and he or she will be able to use it with up to one hundred products. This software allows users to easily track and manage your stock. With a few clicks of the mouse, purchase orders, invoices, sales orders, shipping documents and receipts can be easily created.

They can all be customized to suit your business needs. The user-friendly interface has an intuitive dashboard which shows outstanding orders with a customization graph which allows users to view profit, costs and cash flow. This software offers users a look into their complete product movement history with full support. The only negative thing is that the software does not have an iOS version.

2. POS Maid

The POS Maid is a great first-time software for small and medium businesses. It is very easy to use and offers an intuitive user-friendly system. The inventory control manager software will allow businesses to fill in forms so that they can keep track of their stocks. Features such as account management, low stock alerts and employee management are some of the things that POS Maid has to offer. This software is best for retail and general merchandise.

It has simple and easy to use basic features that all small to medium businesses need. While building an inventory is made easy with this software, it is not recommended for big businesses.

3. Inventoria

This inventory control software’s main feature is that it allows lot and serial number creation for control. This helps businesses keep track of their goods without having to physically count their stock (although regular stock counts is something that businesses should perform for other reasons). The Inventory stock manager feature can be configured manually or by using a simple wizard.

This gives business owners full control of how they want to keep track of their products. With Inventoria small to large businesses will be able to monitor things such as recurring orders, stock costs and receipts. Although Inventoria offers a wide array of features, it does not support multiple languages.

4. iMagic Inventory

This powerful inventory software comes with a handful of templates. This makes it easier for business owners to create receipts, invoices, purchase orders and other important documents. It has a user-friendly interface with a document creation wizard. This helps businesses keep track of their orders, shipping and stocks. iMagic Inventory can help small to medium businesses deliver the right goods to their customers without all the guesswork, keeping your customers happy and improving their loyalty.

This software is perfect for any growing business that has never used an inventory management software. The important functions are easily accessible on the dashboard, and the latest information will be displayed on the user interface. Another great feature is that the software has a multi-user interface which allows businesses to keep track of the cashier or person in charge of the task. The only negative thing is that to access the multi-user feature, a heavy download is required.

5. ABC Inventory Software

ABC Inventory Software was created by Almyta Systems, it is perfect for small and medium businesses. This software allows growing companies to execute all management tasks like a professional. It comes with a variety of features that can help make a lot of tasks much easier. The complete inventory track with barcode feature is something that a lot of companies find very useful.

Along with that extra feature, it also comes with purchase order management, automatic stock report generation, mailing labels and a variety of other tools that can assist businesses when it comes to inventory management. One of the negative things about this software is that it comes with a hefty price tag. 

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