Ways for a Teenager to Make Money

A common term searched for on the internet is what are the ways for a teenager to make money. If that term brought you here, you have arrived at the right place. Below is a comprehensive list of jobs and businesses that a teenager with some initiative, energy and get-up-and-go can quickly put into practice and start earning their first dollars.

A number of these ideas I did myself as a teenager, providing a regular source of income for pocket money and later to help save and pay for college.

We have broken the list into two sections, depending on how quickly the work can be turned into cash in the pocket. Quick money is as it suggests, takes little time and often not a lot of skill to start earning. Long-term is more aligned to building a small business that although will take longer should lead to more a higher and more sustained income source. Those earnings can be substantial and for years well beyond the formative teenage ones.

If you can add to the list to help others out, please let us know either through the comments section below or get in touch with our Contact Us page.

Quick Money

The following ideas should take little time to implement and have a teenager earning money very quickly. Some require few trained skills to get some money in the pocket, with low barriers to entry. Others, such as coaching or tutoring, may take some more time to acquire. But even for those of relatively young age they have often developed skills through school, hobbies, church or part-time work that have value in the market place. It’s now time to start to turn those skills into money.

Brave Browser BAT Rewards

One that many people still don’t know about is as easy as installing some software on your computer and using a different web browser. The Brave browser provides the user with an opportunity to earn money from viewing ads. Instead of earning dollars and cents you earn the crypto token BAT (Basic Attention Token).

They say you can earn about $5 a month in tokens, which is about what I have found using it myself. As of today I have about 51 BAT, which is worth around $76. Not bad for doing very little other than installing the browser and clicking on an ad every so often.

You can either keep your BAT and build-up a small hoarding of crypto. Or you can share some or all of your earnings with publishers and creators.

BAT can be bought and sold on most major exchanges, including coinbase, kracken and binance.

Magazine and Circular Deliveries

My sister in-law started her two boys on this a couple of years ago and it put money straight into their pocket on day one. I did notice when I caught up with her recently that it appears to be now be her side-hussel as the boys weren’t that bothered in the end. But she found it really good exercise, got to see what was going on in the neighbourhood, and it was a modest earnings in her pocket each week.

It’s not much fun in the winter if you live in the colder parts of the world. But at the same time this is when there is no shortage of work as most people would rather stay in and watch tv.

So if you are looking for paid-for exercise, savings on gym membership, improved fitness and cash in your pocket there aren’t many better ways for a teenager (or us older ones) to make money than magazine and circular deliveries.

Newspaper Round

This was my favourite when I was growing up. Starting around 12 years old I had a paper round – at one point I was doing four of them at any one time! These jobs provided a good, yet modes, source of income for me and enabled me to save and invest from a young age (I just wish I had been more serious or had guidance on the investing side of things – but that is for another article).

Moving Lawns and Gardening

This has been a good source of income for teenagers over the decades. My older brother and I both had regular lawn mowing jobs around the neighbourhood in weekends, providing a a nice supplement to our paper delivery work after school during the week.

You will often find friends, family and neighbours more than willing to pay for this help so that it frees up their weekends – to do the things they enjoy doing after a busy week at work. They also often have the lawn mower and gardening tools already, so little or no outlay of capital is required.

For someone who is good at dealing with people, enjoys being outside and is neat and tidy this can be a very good income source, in particular during the warmer months of lots of plant growth and people preferring to enjoy themselves in the sun and relaxing rather than worrying about the laws and weeding.

Washing Cars

Something often more limited to the warmer months, and is quite hard work, but can pay well. Especially if done as a small group, three or four people can clean a car, inside and out, quite quickly. For someone who is careful and thorough, perhaps works well with a small group, and can work quickly, car washing can work very well.

Either around the local neighbourhood or getting permission from a local council or business to setup in their public carpark, car washing on a nice day will make quick money for a teenager. And if working with a few friends or siblings, this can be a fun day working together, getting some exercise (its tiring over a day) and earning some coin.

Sports Coaching and Referring

Referring and coaching was something I did as a teenager, but unfortunately there was no money in field hockey at high school rep level back in the day. However, times have changed and in particular in more popular sports this is certainly a way or earning some money for the teenager in the family. For example my neighbour’s 15 year old son referees each weekend during the soccer (football for our British readers) season – and at around $70 each day is good money.

Dog Walking and Cat Minding

Something my wife was going to do before becoming ill was cat minding in our small town (she isn’t so much a fan of dogs). For those who have a natural love and affection for our four closest friends, this is not only money in the pocket but also very rewarding.

You can work through the growing number of sites available now [SITES TO INCLUDE]. Or as we did when we were able to travel is pay one of my neighbour’s boys to feed our four cats, yes four, and clean the litter trays etc. For two visits a day he earned $10 – about an hours work a day. This was a big help to us in our little ones could stay at home, have their regular food, not have to go through the stress of being moved. And much cheaper for us than a cattery.

For immediate cash in the pocket this is a good little earner.

Run a Garage Sale

Dave Ramsey is big fan of this money earner; one often hears him talk about this on his show. To pay off debt quickly sell everything not bolted down. Put the dog on ebay and the cat and Craig’s List – the kids think they are next.

It can be a good source of one-off income as most of us don’t have enough “junk” around the place to be holding a regular sale. However, if one is organised say for once a year … this could be a nice little earner for the teenager who is prepared to put in some back work, get it advertised and ensure the day runs smoothly. In addition, the family gets a less cluttered living space.

Crypto Mining

Although the earnings from mining are pretty much the day you plug the machine in and start mining to a pool (assuming one isn’t solo mining) thisdoes take some technical knowledge. Speaking from experience from setting up and operating a small six rig mining farm, if you aren’t familiar with crypto mining already and PC computers in general, there is quite a steep learning curve.

However, if that knowledge is already held or you buy a working rig from say ebay, this is a greater earner – in particular during this great bull run in the crypto markets.

A word of caution with this though. The most profitable coin currently being mined is ethereum (ETH), but this hasn’t always been the case. And looking forward, when ETH moves to proof of stake, away from proof of work, mining rigs will need to pointed elsewhere for their work. Most in the niche say this change is expected to be a year or two away at the time of this article being written (although ethereum is notorious for being late on delivery of changes).

Online Tutoring

This activity can be a little more difficult for teenagers due to online sites having age restrictions and the problems online video can present these days. However a well supervised process can be very rewarding, not only on the money side but to build confidence, test knowledge and learn how to help others along the way.

Although all but a distant memory now my teenage years, this is something I’ve recently started myself using a local portal here in the UK. Once you have done a few lessons and started to see similar problems or questions come up, it becomes quite an enjoyable process helping others to learn and develop.

Part-time Employee in the Service Sector

This is more of the traditional ways we see for teenagers to make money. Depending on the employment laws in your area, working at a local restaurant, cafe or shop is a great way for a teenager to be earning a modest income, having to deal with a wide variety of customers and problems, develop good work ethics of dress standard and punctuality.

Our local Costa Coffee often have older teenagers working behind the counter. They start them off on the till, cleaning tables, clearing dishes, re-stocking the food, etc. And then progress them onto making the coffee (making a good flat white is no easy task).

Selling Stuff from Around the House Online

In-line with the garage sale idea, but moving this to the online world and a more sustained activity. Ok, some things will probably only sell at a garage sale. But many items are well suited to online selling, in particular with the use of say local pick-up – saving the hassle of organising delivery. ebay and craigslist or two of the biggest sites for selling the stuff lying around the house.

In some ways this process can be better than the garage sale:

  • you don’t have to have strangers turning up to your house;
  • the process can take longer and so a better price may be had;
  • you can take your time, deciding what to sell and at what prices; and
  • ebay’s auction process helps to find a price when you may have no idea.

The down side is it can take longer and being over a longer period you don’t achieve as much because you run out of steam or other things take priority.

Longer Term Money

Our last section is the longer-term ideas – it’s probably going to take time to show results, but with this the results will be biggest out of the three sections.

eBook Publishing

Good writing is such an important skill, and like all skills, needs to be practiced to be improved. Someone are naturally better writers compared to the rest of us, but for the most part, practice does make perfect.

For those in their formative years establishing good writing habits will be invaluable skill now, as part of their formal education, but later as they enter the working world where good writing is expected. So why not combine the practice and an opportunity to make a long-term stream of money.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is a great platform, in particular for those starting out. It provides all you need and one of the largest audiences in the world for your books.

But don’t be deceived about making money here, it’a a long-term process that is simple … but difficult. But an author that can build a following, in conjunction with say social media platforms, has access to substantial income over a lifetime of writing.

Online Gaming Tournaments

Making money is this area is perhaps one of the most difficult in the list we have put together. We would be interested to hear from anyone has done well in this area.

Due to the growth and money involved in esports these days, this is a very competitive area and one I see few will succeed in. I notice here in the UK where football, aka soccer, is so dominate, many a young person devote huge amounts of time and energy in the hope of “making it to the premier league”. For the very few, and it’s very very few, that do make it the money is incredible. But out of the very few that make it, even fewer again stay there for long. As they say in the US, NFL stands for “Not For Long”.

Start a Blog

I can speak from experience on this one too, blogging is not an easy process. But having had some success over the years it is a very rewarding process once things start to take-off. But especially now days, as it is a very competitive blogging landscape, building a successful blog generally takes a lot of time and regular, diligent, effort. Writing occasionally, or just as one feels like it, has been the recipe for many a failed blog project.

However, in that lies the secret to success in this area (and for many endevours in life for that matter). For those who are prepared to stick at it, learn the trade, understand SEO, etc, where many will give-up they can succeed. And it taking a long time works to a financial advantage too; sustained focused effort over a long period of time will often produced sustained returns over the long-term.

A couple of bits of hard earned advice here: first, the narrow the niche that is targeted the more likely the success of the project. Second, make the idea generation, website maintenance and in particular the writing a daily task. Some days you won’t want to, and other days you will. But this discipline will pay dividends over the long-term.

Start a Youtube Channel

In terms of longer-term ways for a teenager to make money, a youtube channel is similar to a blog in the required regular content creation and time to seeing money come in. However, unlike a bog, the platform being built on is the second biggest search engine in the world and has millions of views a day. Therefore the audience is already visiting that portal, so half the battle is won already. But of course the competition is tough and the range of topics a teenager can cover is more limited.

Youtube has a general age restriction of 13 years old, which is applicable from most jurisdictions that I could find.

Like a blog or ebook publishing a youtube channel that is narrowly focused will be easier to build and will enable a better concentration of material for the youtube algorithm to index and rank against competition. What I mean by thi is material is developed around a central theme, for example Californian Rabbits, will gain better traction earlier in this smaller niche than say pets – a much wider niche with much more competition.

Youtube creation is an excellent channel to help a teenager to develop all sorts of skills that have value in the market place: writing, video and audio creation and editing, story line creation, project planning, etc.

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