KashFlow Accounting Software Review

KashFlow is a cloud-based accounting application focused on small business clients in the UK. There are several features that set it apart from the competition, making it a robust choice for SMEs in the UK. KashFlow offers all the features that you need to record your transactions, invoice your customers, create professional and detailed quotes, perform your bank reconciliations and recording the cash coming in your bank account and much more.

Built in features include one-time and recurring invoices, multi-currency reports, VAT returns with just a few clicks, credit control, automated invoices to late clients, basic inventory management and contacts management.

One of the most important features that KashFlow offers that is not very common in cloud based that are specialized for the UK market is the support for third party addons. I believe that companies that want to succeed in the SaaS industry should sooner or later realize that allowing third party apps to be integrated with your application is a smart move. KashFlow supports a variety of third party applications that span from CRM and inventory management software to payroll and marketing addons. Some of the addons that you can integrate include:

Dropbox Integration with KashFlow

This addon allows you to store files such as purchase orders, contracts and reports right on the cloud. DropBox is maybe the market leader when it comes to inexpensive (or even free) cloud storage.

GoCardless Integration with KashFlow

This is one of the newer third party apps. It permits you to collect customer payments via a direct debit system, allowing you to use it for recurring or one-off collections.

If those aren’t enough, you can integrate KashFlow with SagePay, PayPal and WorldPay, as well as Freshbooks and eCommerce. As mentioned,  you can integrate KashFlow with third party addons in order to track the time spent working on project or with a specific client.

KashFlow Updates

Successful companies and successful products are built based on customers feedback. If the client are not satisfied with something, the company should work to improve the product and make it more useful. KashFlow is improving its product almost on a monthly basis. That shows commitment! They recently changed the way that the bank reconciliation is performed based on customers’ feedback.

KashFlow for Accountants

KashFlow also has nice features for professional accountants. First of all, accountants can create a branded version with you own logo. This is a nice feature for accountants that believe that building their name online and developing a recognizable brand is important. 

Accountants can work with their clients, organize and analyze the information that you need to run reports that can help you monitor the performance and the financial position of your clients.

A very useful feature that Kasflow offers is the ability to track what has been uploaded (in terms of documents or information) by your client as well as the records that have been changed. It also allows you to lock the records and prevent your client from changing anything before you have finished properly recording the transactions that need to be recorded. 

KashFlow Pricing

When it comes to pricing, the structure of KashFlow couldn’t be simpler. You have one option, and at the time of this writing it costs GBP18. Flat pricing means that there no different versions, no different price structures and no features that become available before you spend a fortune. I believe that £18 is a very low price tag for the professional support that you can get, let alone the product itself.

The final verdict is that it is difficult to find a small business package that is better than KashFlow for UK clients for this price. If you believe that usability, third party integration and pricing are important features then KashFlow is a bargain. 

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