Debt free affirmations are important in your journey

Debt Free Affirmations – For Each Day of the Month

I have to be honest here; this is not something that I do nor used in our debt elimination journey (we are on stage 6 of the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps program). However, I have friends who have used the affirmations approach in their debt-free journey, and they found it of great benefit. When I spoke with them about this, it wasn’t surprising, as affirmations were something they had used in other parts of their lives.

I was also interested to learn that often an affirmations approach does suit those of us who are more “non-numbers” people, or as my dear wife would say, the regular people when it came to this. No, it isn’t because they don’t do the budgets, but they gain much greater reward from the less tangible benefits from being debt-free – as opposed to someone like me who perhaps enjoys the numbers a little too much.

However, with an open mind, on with the affirmations for each day of the month that we hope will help you in your debt-free journey, whatever stage you are at.

  1. Each day I’m getting out of debt
  2. The elimination of my debt is important to me and my family
  3. I am controlling my finances, not my finances controlling me
  4. My spending habits are now under my control
  5. Each day I am reducing my debt by being organised and in control
  6. I will soon be able to live debt free
  7. I am climbing out of this debt hole each day, one step at a time
  8. My financial health is improving each day
  9. I want to be debt free because … (eg so I can help others through this too)
  10. Each day it is easier to live an organised and frugal lifestyle
  11. One day my future self will thank you
  12. My finances are my business and I will be careful and attentive with them
  13. I control my spending, it does not control me
  14. I tell my money where to go now, not wonder where it went
  15. My spending is now wise and thoughtful, it now has purpose
  16. I am open to new ways of saving money and paying off debt faster
  17. My debt free journey is not about me but those I love and care for
  18. Each day I am becoming more responsible with my money
  19. Managing my money well is part of my normal thinking and planning
  20. I am open to new ways of earning money and paying off debt faster
  21. When I become debt free I will not go back to using debt because I will free from its control
  22. Having savings and being debt free will be a wonderful place to be
  23. My finances are my responsibilities, no one else’s
  24. Each month I will follow my budget because it helps control my spending
  25. My financial position is my responsibility and I can improve it each day
  26. Each day moves me a step closer to living debt free
  27. I am finding it easier each day to control my spending and becoming debt free
  28. I am learning more about myself and money each day as I step towards being debt free
  29. Peace and freedom will come from being debt free
  30. There is a positive difference being in control of my money brings
  31. One day I will help others in their debt free journeys so they too can experience the peace it brings

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