The Top 5 Open Source ERP Solutions

All Businesses today, no matter how small or big they, are operating electronically. Some of them are even their systems on the cloud. However, with so many options and different products available trying to choose what system your company will use is costly and time-consuming. 

ERP systems, which means Enterprise Resource Planning, is a multi billion dollar industry that has empowered many businesses to take control over almost every department and function in their company in a single software. ERP systems integrate all facets of a company’s operation – from planning, to purchasing, sales, inventory, managing its social media and many, many more, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and of course, profit. 

At this point, it’s worthwhile mentioning that open source ERPs or in other words ERP systems of which the source code is publicly available have started grabbing a substantial market share. The reason? They are free, at least free to try. 

Therefore, If you have a business or you’re running a company, having an ERP system is something that you simply can’t do ignore. Different businesses have different needs and as you continuously grow and develop, open source ERP Solutions can be an option. Making the code openly available, programs can be accessed and modified whenever you need to. You can extend the core functionality to fit your needs and customize the software as you wish.

While the list below is definitely not all the options you have, all 5 products are used by thousands of businesses worldwide and they are therefore tested.

xTuple ERP

Dubbed as the world’s #1 open source ERP Solution, xTuple ERP is a business management software that gives you control over your entire operations and profitability. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can even be accessed through mobile devices, perfect for people who are always on the go. It integrates all functions such as accounting, time and expense, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and distribution, into one modular system. One of the most complete ERP Solutions in the market. Basic function are part of the free version but you can avail of its services for a certain fee.


One of the best open source ERP solutions for retailers, Opentaps provides a fully integrated ERP and CRM solution offering e-commerce, inventory management, and financial management to its users. It can also be accessed and used through mobile devices, making it a solid option for business owners and managers to continue making money even outside the office.

Other modules that are available also allows you to track sales personnel to a unique commission management program. Opentaps has been used by big and small companies, from Fortune 500 businesses, to startups. They offer a full edition for a fee and a downloadable free demo.


Meaning “to complete” in Italian, Compiere is an open source ERP Solution that is dubbed as the most affordable and adaptable ERP system today. Developed by Consona, Compiere was founded in 1999, and had its 1 millionth download in the year 2006. It has a free of charge version which is a limited community edition, and a full enterprise edition for a certain fee. Used in over 40 countries all over the world, Compiere provides solutions to your business’s warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing, and financial needs.


Openbravo is an award-winning ERP Solution that won the InfoWorld’s Bossie Award for Best Open Source Application for three consecutive years since 2011. Created for small to medium-sized companies, Openbravo is being used today by over 6000 organizations and it’s believed to be one of the finest in the industry.

Offering a broad range of modules such as finance and accounting, sales management, point of sales, business intelligence, and many others. Its simplicity and user-friendly functions will minimize the training that is necessary which means less costs for your business. Offering a monthly or annual fee basis, Compiere also offers a free community edition.


One of the ERP Solutions advantages it the incredible number of modules for different functionalities that are available.  Known and hailed for its elegance and simplicity, OpenERP can be downloaded for free for its 15 day trial period, and $39 for a monthly subscription for its full services.

With the monthly subscription, you get automatic updates and upgrades, hours of support, and a bug-fix guarantee. Making business operations so much easier, OpenERP integrates sales, point of sales, purchases, warehousing, accounting, messaging, social network, human resource management, recruitment process, employee directory, time sheet, event management, and so much more.

If you have a business, one of the most difficult things is the vast amount of paper work that is necessary. It takes time and costs money. ERP Solutions will enable your company to get easy access to information anytime, record your transactions accurately and on a timely manner.

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