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Payback Period

Current Ratio Calculator and Analysis

One of the many financial ratios that you have at your disposal to analyze the position and the performance of a company is the current ratio. The current ratio along with the quick ...
Dividend Discount Model

Dividend Discount Model: A guide

The dividend discount model is based on the theory that the price of a share should be equal to the present value of the future dividend payments. The dividend discount model is widely ...
Accounting Rate of Return

Accounting Rate of Return-How to calculate ARR

The Accounting Rate of Return method is one of the most widely used techniques for investment appraisals and capital budgeting decisions. The accounting rate of return provides you ...
Break even analysis

How to easily perform a break even analysis

It is easier to start with the definition of the break-even analysis or to be more precise with the break-even point. The break-even point is the point where the total contribution ...
Adjusted Present Value

Investment Appraisal using the Adjusted Present Value (APV)

The Adjusted Present Value approach is a way to determine whether raising debt to undertake a specific project will add value or in other words if it will result in positive cash flows. ...
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